La Pala D’Oro:
Una storia d’amore

Nuestra historia

The history of La Pala d’Oro is closely linked to the story of its owner, Sandro Spoladore.

An Italian businessman from northern Italy who found love in a Spanish woman and decided to move to the south of Spain with her, where they made their home.

It didn’t take him long to fall in love with Spain, its cuisine and climate and the nature of its people and customs

It only took him a few years to feel at home in Spain, and although his heart was full he felt that there was still something missing; he somehow felt incomplete.

Nostalgia for his native Italy gave him the beginnings of an idea that would take form over time: to bring a little slice of his beloved Italy to Spain.

And how to bring Italy to the Costa del Sol?
Of course, through the second love of his live: gastronomy.


Food has a tremendous impact on your memories, as eating is an experience that interacts with your five senses.

The aroma of a certain dish or the taste of a wine have the power to transport us to other places in our lives, to awaken beautiful moments in our minds and to bring back memories of situations, people and even landscapes.

What better way to feel the essence of your land than by remembering it at every meal?

Sandro therefore embarked on his dream of creating a restaurant where he could share a little piece of his soul with friends and family.

La Pala d´Oro was born out of this dream and he takes pride in having created a community of lovers of Italian haute cuisine who have found a second home in La Pala d’Oro.

El sueño de un italiano en España